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In today's digital age, Pippin’s Press is committed to promoting quality reading time and inspiring readers to appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of our hand-designed storybooks. We aim to encourage readers to disconnect from the digital world and indulge in a very special experience that can be shared with loved ones.

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As a small, quaint press, we have limited edition print runs to keep our books special. Binding each book by hand with great care, we use specialty paper to give the books an artisanal finish and vintage feel. Holding a Pippin’s Press book, you will feel as though you’re stepping into a fairy-tale world. From hand-painted illustrations to vibrant paper selection and skilled bookbinding, Pippin’s Press Storybooks are little works of art.

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Pippin was indeed a real rabbit! Full of mischief, who lived with me as a house rabbit for ten years. He served as the inspiration for my children's press and was a beloved character whom I spent hours observing and drawing.

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Little Works of Art

Pippin's Press Gallery

Pippin's Press Storybooks & Cards are available at the Forged Alberta store located in Heritage Park Plaza, Calgary. Don't miss the opportunity to get your hands on these charming keepsakes.

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