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My journey as an artist first began in 2015 when I founded Pippin’s Press. Pursuing an interest in book design and publishing, I began writing and illustrating children’s books. My passion soon expanded to creating an artisanal children's press where I self-published numerous storybooks that have reached the hands of young readers across North America. My mission is to inspire an appreciation of art and to foster children’s creativity. Creating Pippin’s Press has given me a purpose, all the while challenging the depths of my imagination with a sense of vitality and playfulness in celebration of the greatest gift of all, the art of a life well-lived.

Hello, I’m Kyla, an author, watercolor and acrylic artist.

Living in Calgary, Alberta, I have the Canadian Rockies in my backyard. Inspired by the beauty of nature from the majestic peaks of the mountains to the crystal-clear lakes provides me with endless inspiration for my artwork.

On any given day you will find me in my creative space pursuing the muse.


Authenticity is a fundamental pillar of my art business. Equally important to me is instilling a sense of inspiration in my art as I strive to enrich people's lives with my creations. I firmly believe that the energy we exude sets the tone for the spaces we inhabit, and I endeavor to bring a hopeful, positive energy to every room where my artwork resides.

One of the things I enjoy most about painting in watercolor is capturing fluidity. I try to convey this movement in my paintings through loose, flowing brushstrokes. I aim to capture serene mystical landscapes or render a rustic calm in my subjects by using a variety of techniques to create my paintings.

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